Sunday, August 18, 2013

Giveaways I've won so far!

     Entering giveaways can be so addicting! but it is a lot of fun too :) I remember the first time I won something (a Thirsties duo cloth diaper wrap from Thirsties Baby). Until then I couldn't believe that those internet giveaways were actually real.
     It's exciting and since then I have won so many other amazing prizes, $250 Amex GC, 4moms MamaRoo and lots of cloth diapers just to name a few.

     I will try to keep this list updated with the recent giveaways I have won just for fun and also to give credit to those awesome bloggers who sponsor these giveaways!

8/18/13 Pediped shoes - from My Little Space 4 Everything 
8/18/13 $21 voucher to Kidecals - from My Little Space 4 Everything
8/30/13 Spray Pal - from Princess Among Superheroes
9/13/13 $25 GC to Abby's Lane - from Kelly Wels
9/14/13 Natures Baby Organics kit - from Princess Among Superheroes

Waiting to receive:
9/22/13 Kidnoculars from Home Grown Families
9/22/13 Blueberry OS Simplex - from We're Parents!?
9/23/13 Jack Be Natural Amber Necklace - from BabyElan {daily}

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